Something Broken

by Tiler

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These songs are very personal to me. I hope that you can enjoy them. Thank you.


released September 9, 2013

Jesse T. Lieurance - lyrics, vocals, drums
Mike Ottaviani - recording, guitars, bass
Sierra Binondo - piano



all rights reserved


Tiler New Jersey

some punks,

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Track Name: Inhale
Again. Again.

I've done a bad thing and I've found myself alone again. Every time I almost find a beginning, I bring it all to an end. What makes me live life this way? I want something to call my own. I can't find home and now I'm numb.

Breathe in, breathe in. Don't let it go. I can't seem to build up walls that will hold. I drive the nails through with my broken hands. I build a house of cards on dirt and sand.


I just want to know that there is a love out there for me waiting patiently like I have been waiting patiently. Maybe someone mistook it for their own, and have I done the same to others? Is there such a thing as soul mates, and is that what is taking so long? I hope I can figure it all out someday, but for now I will question every time a heart that I loved has found shelter in someone else. I just want something to call my own.
Track Name: : terrified.
What were called curse words have been placed into common language while the name of God has become explicit, and whether you're religious or not, we can all take some time to appreciate the truth. Above all of our heads is a thatched roof that lets the rain in, and it is not keeping us warm or safe from all the filth that we had sworn would never come in. The door has been beaten down with our dignity and perception; we can't tell our left from our right, and our rights left long ago. We showed them the way out. If I cry wolf, but no one is around to hear it, will my own lies slaughter the sheep? I may be trying my best, but is that trying at all? I have failed so many times that I'm wondering if there is any bit of redeeming air left for me to breathe in, or has it already been polluted? My heart is cold and heavy, and it is wasting it's time pumping out warmth. I didn't mean for this to happen. I didn't mean for anything that happened to happen, but it happened. There is a man in my mirror who asks me who I am every time he sees me, and tell him that I am a good man, and he replies that I'm a liar. I just want to be honest, but everyone is too afraid of that these days. They would rather see things as how they were, instead of how they are: terrified. I just want to be a whole man, not a man in a hole, digging to find the roots of all his problems, just so he can water his crop. But that's just wishful thinking. The good finish last, and sadly, most don't even finish at all. I've fallen, and I long for the good old days.
Track Name: Keys
I remember the first time I saw you, introducing yourself to me and everyone else watching but I believe specifically me, introducing your world to mine, and our songs intertwined, connected in between each other, throwing its scales into memories of melodies remembering we were once not on our own. Or at least that's what I first felt in my bones. I remember after you started speaking, whispering the notes that pull my hearts strings that vibrate back your echoes. I remember all the wishing, thinking for a year about how wonderful you must be, hoping you could be the harmony to my broken melody and make my song beautiful again. And after all those night dreaming, dreams had turned to truth, and I saw you face to face. I wanted to give up everything. Color turned to white and all I saw was you. I wanted to give up everything and tell you that I think you're lovely. It's the way you dance your fingers across the keys to my soul that brings me stillness, begging for a way to fulfill this wishful thinking that I have made my grave in. You make my rib cage want to cave in but there's nothing there to save it from suffocating this story we were made in; You're everything I'm craving. You're all I want with my whole heart but can only have you in my dreams. And I have given up on all my dreams, because everyone else gave up on me. They tell me not to believe them, the dream that brought my heart back to life. They told me it was childish and strange and awkward. So now I'm just realistic. I don't believe in love stories anymore.
Track Name: Trials/Trails
I drag a stick in the sand. Not to find my way back,
because I won't be down this path again.
No, you see, this path goes through torment and trial
that will kill you with your own two hands.

I drag a stick in the sand for the people behind me,
the ones that are following my lead.
For I see that they're hurt, and they're lost, and they search
for a way out, just like me.

I drag a stick in the sand so they can find their way out,
because I know that's where this track will go.
Yes, I see that I'm lost and and I can't find my way,
but I know that I'll soon make it home.

I drag a stick in the sand as a sign of lost hope
that I wound up finding again.
For if you follow this path that the stick has carved out
you will see that the torture does end.

I drag a stick in the sand in case you follow my path;
in case you follow and start to give up.
For I fell down before, but if you just look ahead,
the track still goes on, which means I stood up.

I drag a stick in the sand so you know you're not alone;
so you know that there is a way through.
I drag it along so you can see that you're loved
and that I held to that stick just for you.

I drag a stick in the sand for you.
Track Name: Exhale
I inhaled every word that you spoke and let them sink to the depths of me. I let you pull back my bones and take every part of me. Everything that should have been and never was. Everything that could have been and all because of fear, we were alone. I was brave. I wanted to be brave for you. I wanted to save you like you saved me. I still replay the memories. The fairy-tale love story that never was, all because of fear. We are alone. I breathed it out. I let it go. And on that exhale, you stole the wind for your own. Everything that should have been and almost was, was not, and you realized everything that you found but lost. I lost a part of me in you. I believe it is still breathing. I believe it still has hope that we will find each other again. I hope you believe with me. We can get it right this time. Everything we have been waiting for still slipping through our fingers. Can we get it right this time? How am I not supposed to feel this way? We owe it to ourselves to be happy with each other. We owe it to ourselves to find home in one another.
Track Name: Wilt
Gray scale waves crashing over a darker horizon, sinking into the crack between this place and sky, into the cracks in my heart trying to wash away the pain. The water only turns to the mud that I cough back up, wasting the last bit of air that I have not yet given up. The smoke that follows is the only one that stays around these days, staining itself into the cotton of my shirt appropriately branded "filth." I find it easy to confuse this landscape with my reflected image; look out to try to find myself and make sense of it all.
Track Name: Coffee Stains
You were taken too soon. I can't help but think that one day I'll see you and we'll catch up and pretend that nothing ever happened.The place I met you was the place I last said goodbye. It's funny how life has those cycles. They spin in a circle like the coffee stains that fell onto the pages on which you wrote your heart, and you have stained our lives with yours. You will never wash away.

It's already been one week and I'm already at my weakest.

You always told me when the going gets rough that I would promise you I wouldn't give up. I didn't tell you that you meant so much. I didn't tell you I loved you enough.

You're just a lost one now. I know they say that you're with god, but where was god that night? Did you wander out of sight or did he just stop paying attention?

Where were you?